The Psychological Condition Of Mania

Mania is another common condition that doctors come across in the clinical setting when it comes to psychological conditions. It is in some ways the reverse of depression. Bipolar implies both episodes of mania and depression but the diagnostic category also includes those who at the time of presentation have suffered only manic episodes because most patients with mania eventually develop depression. When manic episodes occur without any substantial psychosocial diminishing it is termed Hypomania.

Clinical features of this condition

Elevated mood is one of the prominent symptoms of this condition and as a result the term mania for this condition. May appear as elation, euphoria, joyfulness, undue optimism and contagious gaiety. But there is also times when the patient may seem irritable or has the tendency to become angry. Mood often differs throughout the day where sometimes euphoria is interrupted by abrupt, brief episodes of depression. Even though normal people have mood deviations throughout the day as well it is not as marked as those in BAD. Their look also often reflects their mood, but most often the patient is wearing bright colored mis-matched clothing unsuitable for the occasion.Patients with this condition generally tend to behave with over activity which may lead to exhaustion. This over activity becomes easily visible even when the patient is sitting down with the psychology consultant for their history taking session. They have distractibility where they start activities and leave them uncompleted while leaping to start something else. Visit this link for more info on psychology consultant Brisbane.

Behavior may be socially unsuitable due to a combination of over activity, disinhibition and grandiosity.The sleeping pattern of these patients is often reduced despite which the patient wakes up feeling lively and energetic and may often rise early and engage in noisy activity much to the surprise and distress of other people. These patients complain of this reduced and disturbed sleeping pattern during psychological assessments Sunshine Coast.They are constantly having an increased appetite and table manners may be absent. Their speech if often rapid and copious, imitating thoughts that occur in quick succession (pressure of speech) and sometime this is so severe that we think there is flight of ideas. With regard to their thought process, grandiose delusions are common and this can lead to over expenditure and other reckless ventures. This may lead to delusions of persecution and reference as well.Even hallucinations can occur in severe cases. They are normally 2nd person auditory hallucinations telling the person about his/her importance or exceptional powers. The insight that these people have with regard to their disease is most often poor with the patient seeing no need to restrain their grandiose plans or excessive expenditure.