Steps To Prepare Your Home For An Elderly Relative

Elderly parents need extra care and support than usual. Simply moving them in will not help; you need to prepare your home according to their needs so that you could avoid accidents and mishaps. Simple changes around the house can assist in this. So here are some of them.

Doors, stairs and walkways

Lever door handles are better than round door knobs as it does not require twisting of the wrist too much. Also, an added bonus is that you can easily open the door when your hands are full. Stairs are a dangerous area for elders as they could easily slip and fall off. There needs to be safety railings properly fixed for support. Also, if you elder relative is in a wheelchair, you need to install ramps. Also, a safety gate at the top of the stairs can avoid major accidents. Nightlights along the corridors and bathroom can be a great help so that he can see his way clearly. Clear clutter in your hallways too. If there are any loose ends of wire, tape them and remove toys and laundry off the floor.


Medical facilities

If he needs medical equipment installed in the room, you need to arrange for a bigger room. To make things easier, prepare a medication schedule so that you know which medicines to give at what time. Prepare a separate space or cabinet to store such medicines in order. If you are bringing an in home care Windsor assistant, you need to make arrangements for his accommodation too.

Bathroom and kitchen

Bathroom slips happen often so it is vital to fix strong bars for support if no home care assistant is hired. Add non-slip mats in the bathtub to lessen slipperiness and a rug right next to the bathtub to absorb surplus water. Keep all toiletries such as toilet paper, shampoo, soap etc. within easy reach. There are also adjustable toilet seats so that he can adjust it to the height preferred. In the kitchen too, all utensils and other materials need to be organized within reach. Install an induction stove so that only the pots and pans on the stove get hot, not the stovetop itself.

Lighting and room temperature

Falls are common with adults and can give drastic results. To avoid this, add bright lights in the bedroom, bathroom, closet, kitchen and wherever needed. Smart lighting will be great use so that your elder relative need not put on a switch every time they walk in. seniors may like their room warmer than the other members and hence separate temperature control will need to be fixed in their rooms.