Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

When people think of daily brushing and flossing, they all think of a healthy smile and preventing dental diseases. Proper oral hygiene is more than just a clean teeth it is one of the best ways to maintain an overall good health. As oral hygiene is really important, so is having straight teeth. Here are few reasons why.

  • For cleanliness- a straight teeth is easy to brush and floss than overlapping/cooked. They will tend to trap in food particles making its very easy for bacteria to create their breeding ground and thus create cavities. When cavities develop it can go to as deep as the root and cause severe pain. When not treated appropriately can result in the loss of a tooth. Cavities are mostly treated by filling and root canal fillings. Root canal cost Melbourne can vary upon the location of the tooth and on the severity of the cavity. So if it is crooked there are certain areas that even the bristles of your tooth brush cannot reach and thus plaque accumulates.
    • Low disease risk- if you find it easy to clean it you will lower the risk of gum disease which in turn can lead to heart diseases and may also contribute to diabetes. Studies have shown that oral bacteria can enter into your blood and even affect the inner lining of the blood vessels.
      • Avoids loss- Most common reasons for tooth loss are diseases and decay. They are very easy to take care of. All you need to do is pay regular visits to you dentist and keep them intact. Undergo procedure such as teeth whitening and cleaning when required.
        • Keeps your jaw bone healthy- When you miss a tooth, it leaves the jaw area of the missing tooth with little to do. So the bone in that specific area begins to get weaker leading to more teeth loss. The only way to fill up the place would be through a dental implant.
          • Less prone to chipping- When your teeth is aligned it is less likely to get cracked or chipped. Especially in circumstances such as injury or accidents. They say that when they are aligned the pressure from your bite will go along the axis which makes it less prone to it being chipped.
            • Lower gum and lip injury- Crooked teeth pushes against your soft mouth tissues. When you continuously bite your cheeks and lips with crooked teeth it can cause cuts and that may result I infections.
              • Better digestion- When teeth is not aligned properly they can affect your chewing which is the first step of your digestion process.
                • Clear speech- When you have a gap in between your teeth you may find it odd to pronounce certain words.
                  Ultimately, if you are someone who suffers from crooked teeth. Explore your option and try you best to fix. Because straight teeth also mean good overall health

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